ever since she (and, so, i too) started picking a word each year, i've loved alece's tradition. it's absolutely astounding to discover how one little word, in place of tens of new year's resolutions, can change your year and your heart. last year, i even got a tattoo as a reminder to "listen." it's never been an easy path to follow, but God has worked in my mind and heart so many ways just by reminding me of that one word during important moments. amazing.
this year, my word is "light."
i think this one-word-reminder will be central in many of my decisions, relationships and thoughts this year, and i love how i don't pick a single one-word on my own. God is so amazing, how he speaks to us and through us. the reason for "light" is john 1. it was my christmas story of choice this year, because it speaks so deeply to me of God's power and purity and beauty, and also of his sovereignty and love. my goal in choosing "light" is to see and reflect His light. join in and check out the community of bloggers who also participate, and check back here for random updates from me throughout the year. i really hope you join us. it'll change your life. it has mine.

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  1. this is very much a "me" word. love it.

    happy new year!