off to the gym.

in light of the fact that i've gained a lot of weight in the year before and (nearly) two years since being married, i'm trying to make some changes. that means short morning exercises to wake up in the morning, 5 gym days a week, and eating better. nothing super crazy (aside from the gym part, which i always will think is nuts), but effective. interestingly, my food issue is actually eating not-enough. rarely do i have the motivation to cook for myself when i live alone, so i end up eating only one or two meals a day. not good! so, with a book and ipod in my hand, i'm off to the elliptical! check out my pinterest for some of the quick-exercise ideas and fun workouts (harry potter movie-watching goodness FTW)!! expect some recipes soon, and maybe some workout playlist inspirations, since that's also part of the life-change that made the non-list.
chau, all. love!



random-seeming post for the middle of february, but necessary nonetheless.
our worship leader at church tonight challenged us to spend a few minutes in prayer, thanking God for what he has done in and/or for us today, this week, or during this phase of life. i just took a look around me and sat down and cried. i was sitting between dear friends from small group - two whole rows of us together, missing only one couple from the group. the feeling of belonging was breathtaking. it's been so long since i've felt that. and i'm truly thankful for it. especially because of the journey He took me on to get to this place. this week, i'll share a bit about the struggle of my first year of marriage, but tonight i want to focus on the fact that He has shaped and guided me into this very moment. His sovereignty is overwhelming, and feeling His presence is encouraging and refreshing. today is beautiful, because my God is alive and active and working in me.
may your week allow you to reflect His light.


pinterest and other late-night wonders.

lately, i've been trying to be more active in pinning. i often check my pinterest app on my ipod, but i don't really pin my own things. i DO still save images from around the web into random folders on my computer and hugs' computer, too. darn. so, i'm trying to go save-free and pin it up! this way, i can share my ideas and loves with my friends! i love it. such a great sharing community. though it's already getting me into trouble (read: my sister-in-law-to-be is urging me to start crocheting because of an adorable pinterest project she found)!
another cuddled-in-bed-boredom-cure for me has been k-dramas. i love international media of most sorts, and i'm a sucker for a story of any sort. the best part is there are quite a few available on hulu, full-run. that means no waiting a week for a new episode! that means a lot of entertainment for those sleepless nights that are oh-so-common when hugs is gone. someday soon, i'll post a list of things i've "learned" from k-dramas about korean society. which, of course, is a bit tongue-in-cheek, because no television show really portrays the current culture of any country!
what do you do late at night when you can't sleep, or need to occupy your mind?



"haibo" is a word i picked up during my many months in south africa (a place i still call home) - it's an exclamatory word, like "wow" or "woah." and haibo is definitely a word i'd use to describe the last couple of weeks. i finished up a 3-week stay at home in nebraska and then returned home to so-cal to a list of tasks and errands that won't be finished for a long while, yet. mostly because they predominantly stem from my husband's college applications.
the most exciting thing? i'm working on some self-assigned homework for a bible study i'm going to start in february. the invites are being sent today, to decide on a day of the week, and i am beyond thrilled to study romans. i've got most of the details planned out, and i'm reading through the whole book now, before i move on to the actual lesson-plans for each week. hopefully, the study goes well. it's just one of my goals for this spring. there's another that i'm equally excited about, and i'll share it soon.
random post today - but i wanted to update y'all on what's on my brain lately!


random thought of the day...

chai means tea. therefore, the phrase "chai tea" is redundant and makes me giggle inside. next time you order (or have me make some for you) try "masala chai" which means "spiced tea" or chai latte. you're welcome.