new favorite blog.

i know some of you who read also love to find steals, diy, and decorate! if you haven't already heard of all things thrifty (att), you need to go read! i love that it is truly ALL things thrifty - including girls' nights out/in! there are lots of fun tips and giveaways and inspiration.
this weekend, brooke has a giveaway going for a $100 gift card for pottery barn! drool. i love pb, but can only dream about most of the things in their stores! whenever i see one in a mall, i walk around and admire. how great would it be to win!? the giveaway is sponsored by hometalk, an online community where users can ask and answer questions about anything home-related. from what i've seen, i already love it. home upkeep, asking for help with home decor, inspiration... loads of great info! so, head on over to att and enter. if they get 1000 entries or more, the prize increases to $200.
one of my goals in the next 10 months is to make this house feel even more like home, and to improve my quality of living by making my home more comfortable! i've already started a mini-garden on the back patio, and i've done a few small projects. i plan to start posting some soon, so check back here, too!

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