"haibo" is a word i picked up during my many months in south africa (a place i still call home) - it's an exclamatory word, like "wow" or "woah." and haibo is definitely a word i'd use to describe the last couple of weeks. i finished up a 3-week stay at home in nebraska and then returned home to so-cal to a list of tasks and errands that won't be finished for a long while, yet. mostly because they predominantly stem from my husband's college applications.
the most exciting thing? i'm working on some self-assigned homework for a bible study i'm going to start in february. the invites are being sent today, to decide on a day of the week, and i am beyond thrilled to study romans. i've got most of the details planned out, and i'm reading through the whole book now, before i move on to the actual lesson-plans for each week. hopefully, the study goes well. it's just one of my goals for this spring. there's another that i'm equally excited about, and i'll share it soon.
random post today - but i wanted to update y'all on what's on my brain lately!


random thought of the day...

chai means tea. therefore, the phrase "chai tea" is redundant and makes me giggle inside. next time you order (or have me make some for you) try "masala chai" which means "spiced tea" or chai latte. you're welcome.

nebraska christmas.

i love san diego weather. love. after four straight years of two winters per year, and then indiana-freezing winters on top... i feel i deserve the warm weather and sunshine for a bit. this year for christmas, though, i went back to my parents' house for the holidays. and winter. i'm laughing to myself, because this christmas in nebraska has been decidedly un-white, and even slightly warm. it was in the 50s today.
i love coming home to family for christmas. it means loads of baking, so many brothers, little niece and nephew vying for my attention, amazing food that i don't always have to make myself, and so much love. the presents under the tree trees didn't hurt, either.
i love giving presents, too. this year's presents were a bit anticlimactic, since a few were homemade. i've taken up knitting again, and am working on the third of three scarves-as-presents. my mom got a cozy cream-colored loose-knit scarf. tommy and killian (brother and nephew) are getting matching charcoal chunky-knit ribbed scarves. the best part? i have a blast knitting for people i love. and all of these loved ones have loved their scarves. super simple to knit, but a great project that takes up plenty of my time. wanna start a knitting circle, anyone? even if we don't live near each other, there's always google hangout!
love. re.



ever since she (and, so, i too) started picking a word each year, i've loved alece's tradition. it's absolutely astounding to discover how one little word, in place of tens of new year's resolutions, can change your year and your heart. last year, i even got a tattoo as a reminder to "listen." it's never been an easy path to follow, but God has worked in my mind and heart so many ways just by reminding me of that one word during important moments. amazing.
this year, my word is "light."
i think this one-word-reminder will be central in many of my decisions, relationships and thoughts this year, and i love how i don't pick a single one-word on my own. God is so amazing, how he speaks to us and through us. the reason for "light" is john 1. it was my christmas story of choice this year, because it speaks so deeply to me of God's power and purity and beauty, and also of his sovereignty and love. my goal in choosing "light" is to see and reflect His light. join in and check out the community of bloggers who also participate, and check back here for random updates from me throughout the year. i really hope you join us. it'll change your life. it has mine.