about re

i'm a midwest girl in san diego county, just living life.
recently, i have survived the hardest semester of my college career, graduated, married the love of my life, moved halfway across the country, adopted our first dog (jade), and jumped into navy-wife life as my new husband deployed on an aircraft carrier for over 6 months.
my david is the only person in my life who calls me re (pronounced "ree"), and i love it.  i also love jade-baby, coffee, tea, books, computers, video games, movies, and sunny weather.
i'll be sharing transparently the joys and struggles of my life, the challenges and blessings of being a navy wife, and the laughs and tears involved with adopting our sweet jade. i will also share some favorite recipes, places to go, movies, or whatever is on my mind. i hope that whatever tales i spin will resonate with you, cause you to think, to laugh or cry along with me
mostly, though, i pray that God will speak through me and that whatever i do or say will be for His glory.