whaddup, wednesday!?

so... because i'm sleepy and almost forgot a post, i'm going to entertain today. and by "entertain," i simply mean copy and paste a few of my favorite quotes from @Had2SayIt ... because they are pure twitter gold.

  • True story: After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says W T F...
  • Tweeting bible verses doesn't count as having a quiet time. Matthew 6:5
  • I have had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
  • All those who believe in telekinesis, raise my hand.
  • If you say "beer can" with a British accent, you're also saying "bacon" with a Jamaican accent.
  • Those who think they know everything, annoy those of us that do.
  • No sense being pessimistic; it wouldn't work anyway.

seriously, friends. if you are on twitter, go follow @Had2SayIt. you won't be inundated with nonsense. just enough funnies to keep you laughing along with me.

do you have any favorite puns or quips from recently?


  1. I saw a T-shirt yesterday that said ..." The weather is here ... wish you were beautiful." It was a souvenir T-shirt from some warm destination on the back of someone going to a ballgame out at Christiansen Field last night. Gave me something to ponde

  2. i dont have a twitter account, but who ever that person is, they are funny! love it! miss you friend! when does David get back?

  3. Michelle - can't tell you the day on here, but it's SO soon! Less than 2 weeks!