nebraska christmas.

i love san diego weather. love. after four straight years of two winters per year, and then indiana-freezing winters on top... i feel i deserve the warm weather and sunshine for a bit. this year for christmas, though, i went back to my parents' house for the holidays. and winter. i'm laughing to myself, because this christmas in nebraska has been decidedly un-white, and even slightly warm. it was in the 50s today.
i love coming home to family for christmas. it means loads of baking, so many brothers, little niece and nephew vying for my attention, amazing food that i don't always have to make myself, and so much love. the presents under the tree trees didn't hurt, either.
i love giving presents, too. this year's presents were a bit anticlimactic, since a few were homemade. i've taken up knitting again, and am working on the third of three scarves-as-presents. my mom got a cozy cream-colored loose-knit scarf. tommy and killian (brother and nephew) are getting matching charcoal chunky-knit ribbed scarves. the best part? i have a blast knitting for people i love. and all of these loved ones have loved their scarves. super simple to knit, but a great project that takes up plenty of my time. wanna start a knitting circle, anyone? even if we don't live near each other, there's always google hangout!
love. re.

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