vacation and vacation from vacation.

i'm back! from my soul vacation, tracing my way through the constellation? nope. not at all. (i'm ridiculous.) i did, however, go back to nebraska for a 10-day visit with the fam! it was so wonderful to see everyone, and to spend a bit of time with my brothers and parents again. i hadn't seen jimmy or bean since the wedding! that's almost a year ago, now! eek. is this what growing up is like!? i guess so... especially since i moved across the country.
there were a lot of bittersweets. it was tough to be without david and my sleeplessness (and/or nightmares) returned. i loved the chance to spend lots of time with my brothers, and their significant others. i didn't get to play with my soon-to-be niece and nephew nearly enough, but i did get the sweetest goodbye hugs. i got a massage with my soon-to-be seestor-in-law, during a week that was very tough for her. i got to do lots of shopping with my mom (lahv the target runs!!!), but the trips to omaha were overwhelming, after living in a place where i can get most anything i need with just a 5-minute drive. familiar scenery was fun, but the weather was shocking. see? bittersweets.
so, when i got back less than a week ago, i kinda crashed. i attempted a vacation-vacation, trying to catch up on sleep, while still keeping more active than i was all winter (gym, small group, friends) and now i'm in a whirlwind to get ready for a visit from a cousin and a day at disneyland with a friend! speaking of getting ready, i have to jet... back to target! grin.
i've got a slew of posts coming this week! recipes, my new hats, project pictures (revamping a previously-ugly swag lamp)! come back often, and we'll have some fun! mkay? mkay!

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  1. ugh. i hate that the nightmares are back.

    praying, friend...