off to the gym.

in light of the fact that i've gained a lot of weight in the year before and (nearly) two years since being married, i'm trying to make some changes. that means short morning exercises to wake up in the morning, 5 gym days a week, and eating better. nothing super crazy (aside from the gym part, which i always will think is nuts), but effective. interestingly, my food issue is actually eating not-enough. rarely do i have the motivation to cook for myself when i live alone, so i end up eating only one or two meals a day. not good! so, with a book and ipod in my hand, i'm off to the elliptical! check out my pinterest for some of the quick-exercise ideas and fun workouts (harry potter movie-watching goodness FTW)!! expect some recipes soon, and maybe some workout playlist inspirations, since that's also part of the life-change that made the non-list.
chau, all. love!