long days and rambling thoughts.

in my drawn-out weekend, i forgot last night was sunday, so i forgot to post for today! oops! it also means no quippy quotation at the end. too bad.
my weekends are the loneliest and emptiest days - aside from church, i usually don't even get in the car. i certainly could go somewhere, but between trying to keep fuel use to a minimum and feeling lonelier when i venture out alone, the motivation is pretty much nil.
i love living in a new place. and i wish i could have brought along at least one of my friendships from college. i ache for unexpected visits, late-evening chats over hot mugs of homemade chai, outings to nearby cities, and carpooling to church. just to name a few. of course i remember lonely or boring weekends in college. the difference is... i often had someone to share them with. and cute as she is, jade isn't much comfort when i haven't seen a human face since thursday night. though she is cute. see?


  1. I feel your loneliness! I am also 20something, recently(6mo) married, jobless and pretty friendless to be honest! We are also in the process of finding a new church to call our home. The days can be soo long!
    I pray that you can find somebody to connect with soon!

  2. @Marie, thanks for your comment! Good luck finding a new church - I'm glad David and I found one while he was here for a bit this summer! Having a small group (all young marrieds) has made the transition a bit easier!

  3. i am so sorry for your heart's loneliness. i know what that feels like, and i hate it for you. i so long for a close friend to be nearby to you...

    and i can't even find words for how grateful and glad i am that you have jade. sometimes a girl just needs some tangible love. even if it's in canine form.