perpetually tired is a side effect of stress and depression. yep, i used the d-word. i find some days it's easier to be un-tired than others. yesterday wasn't one of those days. i made it to bible study (which was actually quite fun!), helped my friend h find a dress for an upcoming event, and then went home and napped for 3+ hours. sure, part of it might have been the late night and the 3 am phone call from my hugsband, but when i woke from the nap i was still tired. come to think of it, could've been the bad dreams, too. darn.
so what are some things that i try to un-tire myself? sometimes it's a pick-me-up like a smoothie. sorry, you won't find green smoothies here. i'm more likely (because the depression and tiredness also kill motivation) to stop by jamba juice when i'm already out and about. sometimes it's a caffeine jolt from my keurig machine. or tanning burning out on the patio when the sun is shining.
what do you do (other than sleep) when you just feel tired?
"there must be something wrong with those people who think audrey hepburn doesn't perspire, hiccup or sneeze, because they know that's not true. in fact, i hiccup more than most." - audrey hepburn


  1. i'm so with you on the fatigue and depression... and i have no un-tiring tricks for you. just a genuine wish that we could be tired together. sigh...

  2. I don't think you should be depressed....look where we live! chin up toots, were gonna go shopping this weekend and hit up the beach :)