i've never considered myself stylish. my go-to wardrobe in high school was about one pair of stretchy jeans and an assortment of school-related t-shirts or (two-sizes-too-big) hoodies. in my many changes over the last few years, i'm starting to find some sense of style. what!? style!? you betcha! though, on sad or grumpy days, i still default to the NAVY hoodie my hugsband got me when we started dating. my most recent obsessions have been:

slub shirts


hair feathers (new yesterday!!!!!)

and hatsHATS, HATS, HATS. tehnically, i've loved hats for a while, but i don't have any of the pretty summer hats that i'm really obsessing over. so, here's a picture of one of my favorite hats from a couple years ago, to tide you over until i go shopping and get a few summery things this weekend!


  1. love the hair and i love hats too! so much fun :)

  2. thanks! you know what!? i went to forever 21 today and tried on ... i think all of those hats. NONE of them worked on me! off to target i go, this weekend! ha!

  3. wait... what is a "slub shirt"? shows you how much i know about style...

    (and i'm really digging your hair. you look kickin', girl.)

  4. you know what, deece? i think i made that word up. i swear it's a real word, but googling it didn't bring anything up. hmpfh. anyway, it's what i call shirts that are a little baggy. see how the sleeves hang on the shirt i'm wearing in the pic? and it's a bit long (though i tend to pull it up to normal-length and let it bunch up because it's adorable that way). shrug. slub. is my 2 am self making any sense at all? :-D