confessions of a bible major. (#2)

#2 - sometimes, because i habitually analyze as i read, reading the bible is exhausting when it should be refreshing.

i've never been a fast worker (though i can read and comprehend quickly if i do not need to understand all the nuances), but doing my "homework" for a women's bible study at church probably takes me longer than it should. i don't often just read a verse, passage or chapter. i study, and sometimes even consult the greek or hebrew texts. i spend (too much?) time wondering what that word really means, or why a specific word was used instead of another.
in all of this, i often veer off the path i started on and lose sight of the finish line.  and this is something i'd really love to change.
"properly, we should read for power. man reading should be man intensely alive. the book should be a ball of light in one's hand." - ezra pound

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