"haibo" is a word i picked up during my many months in south africa (a place i still call home) - it's an exclamatory word, like "wow" or "woah." and haibo is definitely a word i'd use to describe the last couple of weeks. i finished up a 3-week stay at home in nebraska and then returned home to so-cal to a list of tasks and errands that won't be finished for a long while, yet. mostly because they predominantly stem from my husband's college applications.
the most exciting thing? i'm working on some self-assigned homework for a bible study i'm going to start in february. the invites are being sent today, to decide on a day of the week, and i am beyond thrilled to study romans. i've got most of the details planned out, and i'm reading through the whole book now, before i move on to the actual lesson-plans for each week. hopefully, the study goes well. it's just one of my goals for this spring. there's another that i'm equally excited about, and i'll share it soon.
random post today - but i wanted to update y'all on what's on my brain lately!

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  1. Bummed i cant join the study, im out if town too much for business, but i miss you tons!