the "ER" in there is important...
a lot of my silence the last month or two has been due to a serious back and forth action going on in my whole being. i'm excited for the impending return of my hugsband, but i'm also anxious with all that needs to be done and nervous for the transition back to married life. because let's face it. deployment marriage is not at all the same as married life.
in the last couple of weeks the up and down coastering over peaks and thru low-low valleys has been especially tough on my sleep and well-being. even though the time difference between the ship and here is less, my sleep is possibly more screwy than ever before on this deployment. today i overslept and missed out on 30 minutes of an hour-long coffee date with navy-wife friends i hadn't seen in months. because i was awake 'til 5 am or later (earlier?). because i'm too antsy to get to sleep before that point these days.
while i deeply crave the community i've already wiggled into at the church in town, i'm deeply craving something different, something more. i long for expository teaching, as opposed to series after series of themed sermons. themed sermons are okay... i just miss going through scripture in context. i'd like my college classes back, sans homework, please. :-)

and at that... i'm gonna sign off. because clearly, i'm crazy and need to go put some sustenance in my body and try to sleep this insanity off.

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