i have a couple of recipes waiting to post, but i'm so frazzled after today that i just can't muster the energy to pull pics from my camera, upload and edit them, save them and insert them.
i'm definitely a bit beyond whelmed, certainly falling into the over- category. jade had her first trip to the pet supply store today, and boy was it stressful. she hates car rides (stems from being abused as a pup) and in all the craziness, i had to put her in the car (the worst part - she tries so hard to bolt that she almost pulled out of her harness) four times. she's out like a light and snoring like only she can, and i'm sure it's because she's as emotionally and physically exhausted as i am from the whole ordeal. and, of course, we have a vet checkup scheduled for tomorrow. here's hoping the rain will hold off for that time frame so we can walk there.
and, to top it all off... there's the whole business about the possible (impending?) government shutdown. while i am trying to take it as it comes, i really don't know what i'll do if it actually happens and lasts longer than a couple of days, since we've already been paid for the first half of the month and our next paycheck is the 15th. overall, i'm quite upset at the very possibility that actively-serving military members might have to wait to be paid until the government is back in order. there has just got to be another option.
now that i'm all nervous and jittery again, i think it's time to call it a night and let you answer the fun question my friend jordan asked our small group: if you had a magic wand that could grant you one wish, what would you have it do?

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  1. right now? i'd have it zap me to you. coffee and/or chai and/or adult beverages included.

    how's the whelmed-ness these days?