holy mustache!

in other words, i got to see david's face for the first time in almost four and a half months, and he's been growing a mustache the same amount of time. it was SO good to see him, even if the prearranged 13-minute video chat was a bit awkward. (frankly, what do you even say when you are allotted 10 minutes to talk to your spouse? there's not enough time to carry much of a conversation, but it's too long for just sitting and saying little nothings. especially if you get 3 extra minutes.) we chatted a bit, and i spent most of the time (even while we were talking) just staring at him and remembering things i forgotten i'd missed so much.
(can you tell i really like parenthetical statements today? if this were twitter, i'd be hash-tagging like it's my job!)
since all i've had for the last 4 months were memories of my husband, oldish pictures and intangible emails and phone calls, finally seeing his face made me feel like a giddy girlfriend again for a bit. which was definitely a relief from feeling like a serious spouse.
it took me a day of stress to build up to the 13 minutes of awkward joy, and i'm still not decompressed. so, pardon me while i leave you so that i can finish my mountain dew, chocolate ice cream, and homemade blondies (recipe coming soon).
"if i get married, i want to be very married." - audrey hepburn

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