college memories.

i did some reminiscing tonight, and just wanted to share. there are a great number of memories i have from my taylor days, but there are a few that really stand out in my mind.

  • mukappa - fabulous organization (now nationwide, but started on taylor's campus years ago) for missionaries' kids and third culture kids. i was welcomed into the group, got to be on the leadership cabinet, and felt so at home with my international friends!
  • summer greek (the entire second year of greek in a span of about 8 weeks, but with a fabulous class and an amazing professor) - complete with "greek spirit week" that featured dress-up days and some fun activities.
  • airband. enough. said. really. although i usually worked the shows, i still got to enjoy them!
  • the tears and struggles that came with having dr. smith for two senior seminar classes, but finishing both classes with a's!
  • study abroads: one month in greece/italy, and a semester in j-lem.
  • friends. the best friends ever.
  • amazing st. patrick's day party my senior year, that involved a potluck of yummy food and watching not one but BOTH boondock saints movies!
  • the souphouse. closest thing to a fraternity we had (besides broho) at taylor. international students and m.k.s who rented a house together, and it was a melting pot hangout for other students. open door policy, parties, and a full kitchen. sometimes i cooked. sometimes i cleaned. sometimes both. sometimes neither - i was just there to enjoy the party or movie. but i always felt welcome and at home. <3

taylor, i miss you. not the nowheresville-indiana part, but the home part. you took care of me, loved me, and pushed & stretched me. thank you.

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