on my mind.

since i'm spending this holiday weekend (make that an entire week) alone, at the end of a paycheck (read: without money to spend on fun things), i've been doing a lot of thinking. no, really. a lot. i'm going to give a nod to a fellow nebraskan's lovely, munchy trail mix posts, and dole out a smattering of bullet point scrumptiousness:

  • grown-up furniture... i especially have been lusting over the idea of a functional patio dining set, so i can host more often. i love hosting parties. and couches. i'd love a big beautiful sectional so we can have people over INSIDE, too.
  • homecoming. not the dance. the real-deal sailor kind. because it's coming, and i'm seriously antsy. but still not counting down. please don't make me count the days.
  • no idea what to do with my life... even short-term. a dear friend mentioned sweet-catering for birthdays and parties. that idea appeals to me greatly. but dunno if i have the guts to start something as big as that on my own.
  • isolation eats at me. i miss being surrounded by friends/family.
  • memorial day (and its great sales) should NOT happen at the end of paychecks. it isn't fair.
  • i miss baking, but i can't do it. not if i want to fit into my love-of-a-homecoming-dress! it's gorgeous. and a wee bit tighter than i prefer.
  • sea world opened the new shamu show (one ocean) this weekend, and i'm seriously driving out there to make use of my fun pass this week. thursday. i might even go on the atlantis ride a few times. 'cause i can.
  • i miss green summers and fresh garden veggies. and bonfires. and all things that feel like home.
  • my doggie SNORES. like. it's. her. job.
  • lastly, because of the bullet points... i'm hoping hugs and i will get to go to a shooting range this summer so i can learn to use a gun or a few. and maybe i can even get a license and my own someday? love.

'til next time!


  1. I often have the " I don't know what to do with my life" feelings too. Thats kinda why I started a blog I think, to help me find direction. I think its a complicated world for godly women that way. I think that the time (at least for me) between when we got married and when decide to have kids is the hardest. I don't know if you work, but I don't and so my days are usually pretty solitary and often direction-less. It definitely gets frustrating.

  2. that's EXACTLY why i started this blog, marie. love it. it's SO true that i feel lost in this in-between-feeling stage. i don't work, and i can't find a job... for all i've tried.